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Photo by Daisy Martin.
Bach flower cherry plums

Bach Flower Remedies

  • First session, including personal mix (60 mins): £30
  • Following sessions, including personal mix (30 mins): £15
  • Repeat bottles, same mix: £6
  • First session Bowen/Bach combined including personal mix (90 minutes): £50

Dr Bach discovered the gentle healing power of Flower Remedies in the 1930's. He understood that the true cause of illness and disease in human beings lies in the personality, in the mental and emotional way that we see ourselves and how we interact with the world around us. The Bach Flower Remedies work on an emotional level, helping to balance negative emotions, empowering us to find the inner strength to get through difficult times and to stay positive.

In practising the Bach system of healing we don't label people with an illness; we are not treating any specific disease, we are treating the patient as a whole.

“It is the patient to be treated and not the disease”
Dr Edward Bach

This holistic approach is also true when practicing the Bowen Technique; it is not the disease that matters, it is the person as a whole. So the Bach remedies are similar to Bowen in that they are a way of helping the body and mind to heal itself, a way of getting back some balance in the body naturally. To this end, Jacky also offers combined sessions of the Bowen Technique with a personal mix of Bach Remedies to take away after the consultation. This has been a very successful approach as the two healing therapies work very well together.

Dr Bach's 38 Bach Flower Remedies provide us with a lovely, simple and easy to use set of tools to help with this healing process. As a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner, Jacky can explore with you how you are feeling and help you find a combination of remedies that will help in this process for you. Individual remedies are also available for purchase.

“I quickly started to notice the benefits, particularly in terms of my confidence. I always feel that Jacky gets the most out of our sessions and is able to identify if any changes are needed to my remedy. I would strongly recommend Jacky as a Bach therapist - her holistic approach to health and wellbeing is second to none.”
Laura, Shenfield
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